RoasTime 3 and the New Roast World

The new Roast.World is moving out of beta, so you will need to upgrade to RoasTime 3 in order to continue using the service.

Hundreds of people are already using the new system, and everything has been working smoothly, with RoasTime 3 and the beta Roast.World proving to be both more functional and more stable than previous versions.

We will officially begin pointing to the new server, and the old Roast.World and RoasTime 2 will soon no longer be supported. 


What you need to know

Here are some things you need to know before making the move:

  1. If you don’t use Roast Recipes, getting started is as easy as Downloading RoasTime 3 and heading to, which will automatically switch over to when the server move is complete!

  2. There are some extra steps involved in upgrading to RoasTime 3 if you make use of Roast Recipes. A new feature of RoasTime 3 is that it can sync recipes as well as roast profiles, but in order to sync your old recipes, you will first need to download the latest version of RoasTime 2 (2.5.7) to create a backup of your recipes before you move them over to RoasTime 3, otherwise you may lose those recipes forever. (Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy, and we provide detailed instructions in the “Important Links” below.)

  3. After the update, the old Roast.World will be moved to, before we take it down completely early next year. But your old roasts will still be there when you log in to the new Roast.World (you can use your old log-in info), so there will be no need to use after the move. (Please keep in mind that some of your more recent roasts may be missing when you login. Don’t worry, they will be synced over later.)

  4. Even after the move, RoasTime 2 should continue to sync with the old Roast.World @ This will give users an additional few weeks buffer time between the server moves, but this situation will not be permanent, because we will not maintain the old servers. So we strongly recommend you begin using RoasTime 3 as soon as possible.

  5. The new RoasTime 3 will not sync with previous versions of Roast.World, which means any roasts you do using RoasTime 3 will only appear on the new Roast.World

Important Links for Upgrading:

Getting Ready to Use RoasTime 3 and Roast.World (For those who aren’t so familiar with the software, this includes information about how to install RT3, including a link for the Recipe Installation, as well as how to create your first bean in Roast.World)

Your First Roast, Step-by-Step (Guides users through their first real roast using RT3 with Roast.World)

*** If you have any questions or concerns please contact your local distributor, or if you purchased direct from us, please contact our support team @


So What’s Different?

At first glance, RoasTime 3 looks almost identical to RoasTime 2, and Roast.World also should look pretty familiar. But there have been some substantial changes made to both for greater flexibility, stability, and speed.

In the case of Roast.World, this meant ditching the old architecture for one that is more modern, building it again from the ground-up, resulting in a snappier and more aesthetically pleasing website all around.

As for RoasTime 3, we have been given a lot of positive feedback from our users. Here is a geeky breakdown of the major changes written by our main coder, Matthew:

USB Library

This is the piece of code that actually communicates with the Aillio roasters. In previous versions, this was dependent on the main thread. We now open a completely new thread that is independent and decoupled from the renderer and main background processes. This means that any issue from each process will not interfere with one another.

While doing this, we also took the time to re-write the underlying library. We hope that these changes will help solve some of the USB issues we have had in the past.

Graphing Library

Along with the USB library, RoasTime ships with a new graphing library. We had a few customers that would face intermittent issues with freezing graphs or misalignment, our new library should solve many of this issues and perform better.

New Datastore and Sync Service

In line with the RoastWorld update, we also had to migrate our data store. The syncing service is completely re-hauled to support our new backend and connection with RW. There are a lot of stability improvements made here.

UI and Renderer Improvements

The UI improvements are subtle, but they are backed by a LARGE re-write of our renderer. Due to our new framework, we are able to release new features more quickly.

New Features

In addition to the above “under the hood” improvements, some new functionality has also been added.

New Settings:
After you sign on to RoasTime 3 for the first time, click on the settings icon in the lower left. There you will find two new options:

Primary Measure (IBTS vs Bean Probe): For now, this setting only relates to the marking of milestones within your profiles. For example, whether first crack is marked on the IBTS or bean probe curve.

Bean Predict: When enabled, RT3 will help you predict your curve based off RoR data from the bean probe. Some roasters find this feature very useful.

New Bean Manager: On the left sidebar you’ll see a new Bean Icon. Click it and you will be taken to the new bean management screen. Although this remains a work in progress, it is now possible to quickly search a known vendor for a specific bean, or to force a sync with the Roast.World servers.


Again if you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade, please feel free to contact our support team:

– The Aillio Team