Ordering the Bullet R1

There are two ways to purchase the Bullet R1. You can purchase directly from us on our website’s Online Shop or you can purchase from a Local Dealer. In most cases, you should try to purchase from your local dealer for better/faster support in your native language.

If you choose to purchase from us, you can receive a live shipping quote from DHL before checkout by entering your city, country, and zip code. Please keep in mind that this quote does not include any duty/VAT/customs fees that you may incur when importing the roaster.

You can choose to purchase via credit card or direct bank deposit. If you pay by credit card, you should first alert your bank about your intent to purchase the Bullet R1, as some banks may automatically block the transaction.

Detailed direct deposit instructions are given during checkout if you choose to pay by direct bank deposit.

As shown in the image above, you can generate a live shipping quote by clicking one of the following links to add either a 110-127V or 200-250V Bullet R1 to your cart. From there you can input your address and see the shipping cost.


Please keep in mind this cost does not including any VAT, duties, or custom fees which will vary worldwide.


If you do not see an option to ship to your address, it may be because we do not ship direct to your area. Please contact support@aillio.com for further assistance.

VAT, customs duties and processing fees vary widely, depending on where you live. For instance, customers in the United States can expect to pay anywhere between 0% and 5%, whereas those in the EU can expect to pay more than 20%

For our part we clearly label the Bullet R1 as a coffee roaster and will declare its true value on the package, along with the tariff code HS 8516.

Those who are concerned should contact their local customs for more information.

We state a 3 month lead time on our site, but in reality most Bullets ship within 4-8 weeks of purchase.

We build the Bullets in batches of either 110-127V or 200-250V and the lead time varies according to which batch we happen to be building when you place your order.

Yes, but you will need to contact support@aillio.com directly for information about how to do this.

No, it is not possible to pay in installments at this time.

There could be multiple reasons why your order was cancelled.

* Your bank rejected the transaction.

Some banks will automatically rejected an expensive transaction from a foreign country if you do not first alert them that you intend to make the purchase.

* You entered the wrong card number/data.

This happens more often than you might realize. We all make mistakes sometimes!

* You elected to pay by direct deposit, but have not yet paid and it has been more than 10 days.

Our system will automatically cancel orders for which we do not receive payment after a period of 10 days.

If you need more help please contact support@aillio.com for assistance.

There is no need to order additional parts when you place an order for the Bullet R1. It already comes with the infrared bean temperature sensor, chaff filter, cooling tray, tryer, and toolkit.

But some users do order an extra spare chaff filter to reduce the time spent cleaning during extended roasting sessions.

General Questions About The Bullet R1

The Bullet R1 is a 1kg induction-heated true drum roaster designed that is available in both 110-127V and 200-250V models. Users are able to set preheat temperatures and control power (P1~ P9, 350 ~ 1550 watts), fan speed (12 steps), and drum speed (1-9) during the roast. The Infrared Bean Temperature Sensor (IBTS) generates data in real time that is plotted onto a roast profile using our RoasTime software. These profiles can be traded with other users on Roast.World and played back automatically. The units ship with a Cooling Tray, Chaff Filter and Tool Kit. It also includes a Tryer for taking samples of the beans mid-roasts.

The Bullet R1 is ideal for home roasters looking for a roaster with more capacity and control. It can also be used by professionals as a sample roaster, or to supplement the coffee supply in a small cafe. Many have used the Bullet R1 to open small roasting businesses.

You can read more about the Bullet here.

Yes, it can be easy to roast good coffee on the R1. Our Getting Started guide is a trove of useful info for new Bullet users, and also includes some sample roast “recipes” to get you started right away.

But you really need to have a plan if you want to quickly familiarize yourself with coffee roasting and begin making good decisions on the fly during a roast. While everyone loves the fine control of the roasting process that the Bullet R1 offers, it can be a double edged sword for beginners. Some may feel overwhelmed if they dive in with no compass, particularly if they have never roasted coffee before.

The trick, then, is to limit the number of variables early on. For instance, to get started, you could pick a single drum speed, fan speed, and a smaller batch size — maybe 400g — and stick to it. In this way, you can roast multiple times only adjusting the power during the roast, and in doing so begin to get a handle on how changing the power during the roast affects it. (And also have a lot of fun experimenting.)

Our Getting Started guide has a lot of useful information about roasting on the Bullet R1.

You can find other Bullet owners on the Community Forums. There is also a very active unofficial forum on Facebook.

Yes! Many people around the world are currently using the Bullet as a production roaster for their cafes and micro-roasteries, or as a sample roaster in larger roasteries — some for many years already.

In particular, the Bullet’s back-to-back roasting capabilities, and our RoasTime software’s Roast Recipe and Playback features make it easy to repeat roasts with consistent results.

That said, proper maintenance as outlined in the manual and in our maintenance videos is crucial for your success in a commercial context — and necessary to keep your warranty valid.

One final reminder for commercial users: although you can expect to receive prompt technical support from our team, in the event you encounter a problem requiring extended troubleshooting or a repair, you may be unable to roast until the issue is resolved. (We promise that we will do our very best to get you up and running as soon as possible!)


Yes. How much smoke will depend on how much coffee you are roasting, and how dark you are roasting it. For instance a 500g batch of coffee lightly roasted is going to produce far less smoke than a 1kg roast that runs past second crack. In the latter example, you’re going to need to make sure to vent the smoke outdoors, or use an air cleaner.

Yes. If you order direct from us there is a 2 year warranty that includes spare parts and labor. You can read about it here.

If you purchased your Bullet R1 through a distributor, you will need to turn to them for troubleshooting, spare parts, and repairs.

If you purchased from us, you will need to contact us through support@aillio.com for troubleshooting, spare parts, and repairs.

Yes. Professional coffee roasting machines do require routine maintenance. In the case of the Bullet, how much time is needed to keep the Bullet clean and operating normally will be a function of how much you roast, how often you roast, and how dark you roast.

Detailed maintenance recommendations are provided in the manual.

Technical Questions about the Bullet R1

There is no limit on how much you can roast per day, but the monthly limit to keep your warranty intact is 100kg.

What is meant by “ideal” may vary from user to user, so it is up to you.

We can first say that the Bullet’s infrared bean temperature sensor (IBTS) will provide useful data in any range between 200g to 1000g, and that the Bullet is fully capable of taking 1kg loads to first crack in a short time.

The batch size that is right for you will ultimately depend on how much coffee you need, and how much fine control you are seeking over your roast. For instance, while it’s certainly possible to run the Bullet at full power and finish a 1kg roast in under ten minutes, you may find that doing so limits your creativity. This is one reason why some users may prefer 800g batches.


The Bullet does not need to cool between roasts, and it even allows for back-to-back roasting mode, in which you can begin roasting a new batch while cooling the previous one. Check out the manual for more information.

The Bullet R1 does not ship with a venting solution. This means you may have to design your own. How to accomplish this depends on a lot of factors. People who tend to mostly roast light and in small batches may get away with roasting under an oven hood, for instance.

But people who roast dark are gonna need something more, unless they roast outside. The Manual gives users some advice on how best to set up a venting solution — what you should and shouldn’t do. And we offer 3d printable exhaust adapters on the site, to make things easier for you.

Another option is to use an air filter/cleaner. We use one in the office when we roast here.

Honestly, very little. The power output for each is the same, and the new V2 induction boards respond better to voltage fluctuations than the V1 induction boards.

200-250V appliances are, however, inherently more efficient than their 110-127V counterparts. This means there will be less stress on the electronic components, and they may pack slightly more oomph when roasting larger batches at high temperatures. This will not make too much of a difference for the vast majority of roasters, however.

Generally speaking, then, you should choose the higher voltage model if doing so happens to be convenient for you — for instance if you already have a 200+V line where you are roasting, or you are living in an area where that voltage is standard.

On the other hand, if you live in an area with low-voltage lines it makes far more sense to go with the low-voltage model. It is unlikely you will notice any difference.

There are two main differences between the V1 and V2 Bullets.

1. Version 2 utilizes a new and improved induction board which you can read about here.

2. Version 2 also includes the new infrared bean temperature sensor (IBTS) which you can read about here.


RoasTime 3’s USB drivers do not work with Artisan, which means you can only use Artisan by installing the legacy drivers from RoasTime 1. Be aware this software is no longer supported by Aillio and you will not be able to use Roast.World without RoasTime 3.

And while we’re planning to integrate with Cropster soon, it may still be a little ways down the line before you can use Cropster with the Bullet.

The Bullet works with our own RoasTime software.

There are many reasons to use RoasTime. Compared to roasting manually, data-driven roasting gives you a better chance to understand exactly what is happening during your roasts. It is a powerful learning tool that, when augmented by roasting experience and cupping results, will lead to much better coffee than otherwise possible. It also opens up the world of “Recipe” based automatic roasting modes, and the ability to trade roast profiles with other users.

An even more important reason to roast with RoasTime is to keep your firmware up to date, and to upload debugging data to our servers. This way, in the event that something goes wrong with your roaster, our support team will be able to look at its data and solve your problem. It’s an incredible troubleshooting tool that will save everyone time, and in fact some issues can *only* be discovered and resolved with that data.

General Questions About Aillio

Aillio is run by a small team with headquarters in Taiwan. We have offices in Thailand and Denmark, too.

Aillio is always looking for Engineers with Solidworks experience. If you are interested feel free to send a resume to support@aillio.com

Yes, we are working on a 2kg fully-automatic shop roaster designed for busy cafes, named “AiO”. Stay tuned!

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