Bullet Terms of Purchase

By purchasing this roaster, I certify that: 

I understand that I must read the manual before operating the roaster.

I understand that the Bullet requires routine cleaning and maintenance for safe operation.

I understand that negligence/improper use of this roaster will void the 2-year warranty. 

I understand that the Bullet, like any other roaster, may break and require time to fix, and that Aillio will not be held responsible for any financial losses incurred during this downtime, if I am using the Bullet commercially.

I understand that a desktop/laptop computer is required to deliver firmware updates to the Bullet via the RoasTime software, and that these firmware updates are necessary to maintain the health of the machine.

I understand that if the roaster malfunctions, troubleshooting the Bullet requires a desktop/laptop computer connected to the internet and running the latest version of the RoasTime software.

I understand that this machine, when used improperly, can start a fire.

I understand that I am solely responsible for any VAT, duties, tariffs, or additional shipping fees incurred while importing the roaster into my country.

Warranty Terms

Non-Transferable Limited Warranty

Aillio warrants the product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the day it ships. If the product fails within the warranty period, Aillio will, at our discretion, either send spare parts for replacement, or replace the product at no cost to the original purchaser. In the event that the original purchaser requests Aillio to repair the unit, the purchaser will be responsible for the shipping fees to Taiwan. If the two year warranty has expired, Aillio can repair units for a reasonable cost, depending on the damage.

Limits of Liability

In the case of malfunction, the purchaser’s sole recourse shall be repair or replacement, as described in the preceding paragraphs. Aillio will not be held liable to any party for damages that result from the failure of this product. Damages excluded include, but are not limited to, the following: lost profits, lost savings, and incidental or consequential damages arising from the use, or inability to use this product. In no event will Aillio be liable for more than the amount of the purchase price, not to exceed the current retail price of the product. Aillio disclaims any other warranties, express or implied. By using the product, the user accepts all terms herein.


This warranty covers defects in manufacturing discovered while using this product as recommended by Aillio. This warranty does not cover loss or theft, nor does the coverage extend to damage caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorized modification, lightning, or natural disasters. Damage caused by any of the above circumstances may result in a non-warranty repair fee.

How to Obtain Service Under this Warranty

Contact Aillio through our support@aillio.com or through our Online Contact Form. Proof of original ownership may be required in the form of a purchase receipt.

Extended Warranty

You may extend your warranty by up to two years after you receive your Bullet and register it on the Roast.World website. Instructions for registering and purchasing so can be found here: How to Purchase Extended Warranty.