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General Questions

Can you tell me a bit more about the Bullet R1?

Thanks a lot for your interest in our roaster.

The Bullet R1 is a 1kg induction-heated true drum roaster that is available in both 100-127 and 200-240V models. Users are able to set preheat temperatures and control power (1-9, 250-1600 watts), fan speed (1-9), and drum speed (1-9) during the roast. Temperature sensors generate data in real time that is plotted onto a roast profile using our RoasTime software. These profiles can be traded with other users and played back automatically. The units ship with a tryer included, for taking samples of the beans mid-roast.

V2 of the Bullet R1 includes the IBTS (infrared bean temperature sensor) and an upgraded induction board.

You can read more about the Bullet here. Scroll to the bottom for technical specs.

Is there a difference between 104V-127V and 200-240V?

At this time, there is not a big difference between the two units, because the actual power (wattage) is the same on both.

At higher voltages, the internal electronics will run at slightly cooler temperatures, however. That means it may be possible to give more power to the 200-240V version in the future.

(Please be aware that 200-240V units shipped to the U.S. will be fitted with a EU-style plug.)

What about ventilation?

In part, it depends on how dark you roast. Darker roasts will produce much more smoke.

But many of our customers simply roast under an oven range hood.

If you require a separate ventilation system, there are 3d printer designs for exhaust adapters available on our site.

Click here to view.

Is the Bullet R1 suitable for commercial use?

The Bullet R1 was designed for use in homes and small cafes and built to last many years under normal conditions.

It was not built for heavy commercial use. We do not know how far it can be pushed in such an environment.

If you plan to roast more than 100kg/month, it may be advisable to seek another solution.

Is there a limit to how much I can roast?

Some earlier literature incorrectly stated that the limit was 3kg per day.

There is no daily limit, but there is a 100kg/month limit in order to maintain your warranty.

This is because the Bullet was not designed for heavy commercial use.

Can I use the Bullet R1 as a sample roaster?

Yes, you absolutely can use the Bullet R1 as a sample roaster, with a few caveats.

The original bean probe is designed for charges of at least 350g. Anything less may give less accurate readings.

But V1.5 and V2 of the Bullet R1 both utilize the IBTS (infrared bean temperature sensor) which gives accurate data on charges as low as 150g.

And we do have customers happily roasting as little as 100g manually and producing consistent results.


Does the Bullet R1 come with a tryer?

Yes. Yes it does.


What software does the Bullet R1 use?

The Bullet R1 uses its own proprietary software, RoasTime. We are now on the second version of the software, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is feature rich and constantly being improved.



What about Bluetooth support?

We have not yet implemented Bluetooth support, though it is in the pipeline.

Can I use it without software?

Yes, the Bullet can be operated via the control panel.

But don’t forget to update your firmware regularly. Firmware updates are fundamental to ensuring your machine is operating at its full potential.

And, to be frank, by not using the software, you miss out on opportunities to learn and grow as a roaster.


Is there a warranty for the Bullet R1?

Yes. There is a 2 year warranty for parts and labor. In the unlikely event that you need to ship the roaster back to us in Taiwan, we will pay for shipping the roaster back.

I’ve heard there have been upgrades. If I order now, will I receive those? And are there any future upgrades planned?

All new V2 Bullets ship with all past upgrades — meaning you will receive the improved heatsink, the newest chaff filter, the IBTS (infrared bean temperature sensor), and new V2 boards.

We are always looking for ways to improve the Bullet R1, and will continue to do so. But we also strive to make all new Bullet upgrades backwards compatible, even with the very earliest pre-order machines.



How do I purchase a Bullet R1?

We currently have official distributors in Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States.

If you live in one of these places please click the “Where to Buy” button up above.

If you live elsewhere, you can place an order directly with us. Just click the “Shop” button above. 🙂

Is there a distributor near me?

A list of distributors can be found by clicking the “Where To Buy” button up above.

Is it possible for me to pay in installments?

At this point we do not offer installment plans, but if you live near one of our distributors you can contact them directly about payment options.

Are there any discounts available?

We do not offer discounts. Sorry about that.

Why was my order canceled?

When an order doesn’t process correctly, it will often show up as canceled.

There are many possible reasons for this, including something as simple as entering your credit card number incorrectly.

But by far the most common reason is failing to first notify your bank that you intend to purchase the Bullet R1 from Taiwan.

Many international banks will automatically flag this transaction as unusual if you do not tell them first.

How is the Bullet R1 shipped?

We ship the Bullet R1 by air through DHL. It typically takes less than one week to arrive after it has left the factory.


Where is the manual for the Bullet R1?

You can download the online manual here: Aillio Bullet R1 Manual

How often do I need to clean the Bullet R1?

This depends on how dark you roast, how often, and how much you roast each time.

As a general rule of thumb, the chaff collector should be emptied at least every 3-4 kg. Many will empty it after each roast session.

Every 10kg or so, the IR window should be cleaned. (Please note, this is only applicable for V1 users. V1.5 and V2 utilize the IBTS, which does not need cleaning.)

Every 30kg or so, a more thorough cleaning is recommended. This will include the cooling box filter, chaff collector filter, and exhaust fan impeller.

Vacuuming under the drum is also recommended.

More information can be found in the online manual.

How do I clean the chaff filter?

Please consult the online manual, page 17.

How do I clean the IR window?

Please consult the online manual, page 17.

How do I clean the exhaust fan impeller?

Please consult the online manual, page 17.

How do I remove any beans that may be stuck under the drum?

Please consult the online manual, page 17.

How Do I…?

How do I install the RoasTime software?

You can installed the latest version of RoasTime 2 for your computer from http://downloads.aillio.com

Please make sure to have your Bullet R1 turned on and connected to your computer via USB before you install the software. This is necessary to correctly install the USB drivers.

How do I enter back-to-back mode?

To start a new roast while the beans are still being cooled down, press F1 in the Bean Cooling mode. The clock display will show bAC indicating that you are doing a back to back roast. To begin again, set your pre-heat temperature and press PRS. To stop the cooling tray, press F2 to toggle to the C value, which is the speed of the cooling tray and press the down button to lower the speed. Once 0 is reached, the option to control the cooling tray will disappear and only fan and drum speed will be available using F2

How do I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

When the R1 is in Off mode, press F1 to enter and toggle through the menu. The clock display will tell you which menu item you are currently changing. To exit the menu keep pressing F1 until the Off appears in the clock display.
CEL / FAH is displayed. Press the A button to toggle between Celsius (CEL) or Fahrenheit (FAH).

For more information, please consult the online manual, page 33.