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Those of us who are passionate about coffee tend to obsess over it. We carefully measure out grams, seconds, and degrees. We fret over filters and grind-size. And we fanatically source our beans, happily chasing our favorite varieties to the ends of the earth. But there is one important variable that most of us aficionados have very little control over: the actual roasting of the beans.

Enter the Bullet R1, a roaster designed with our fellow coffee geeks in mind. We think you’ll agree: this machine is quite the looker. But we promise the Bullet R1 is more than just another pretty face. It is a true drum roaster, easily capable of bringing a full KG of beans to first crack in under 12 minutes – a remarkable feat for a machine that plugs into a standard wall socket.

And the Bullet R1 is highly responsive to user input, giving you precise control over drum speed, fan speed, and heating power during the course of each roast. You can take samples mid-roast using the "tryer", sneak a peak at your beans through the sight glass, or obsessively monitor the numbers on the LCD control-panel – it’s all up to you.


If you're hoping to really geek out (and we certainly hope you are!) then you will need to connect the Bullet to your PC. Our little machine is smart straight out of the box, with multiple sensors generating data that our custom RoastTime software captures and makes sense of in real time, plotting the details and metrics of your roast – everything from on-the-fly power adjustments to the RoR – onto a graph and saving it as a roast profile.

You can trade your roast profiles online with fellow roasters all over the world. They can learn from you, and you can learn from them – a wonderful feature for anyone serious about improving the quality of their roasts.

Whether you're a coffee lover looking to level-up your brews, a cafe owner looking for a way to differentiate your business, or a professional in the industry looking for a sleek sample roaster...

We're here to help!





  • Roast Capacity: Maximum 1000g, Minimum 350g (fastest roasting for 1kg is 12min)
  • Monthly Capacity: 100kg
  • Bean Roast Temp: Max 250°C

  • Roast Mode: Manual, Auto*
  • Two Temperature Probes: Drum & Bean
  • Control Panel Display: Bean Temperature; Drum Temperature or Bean Temp Rise-Fall °C/ min.; Time;
    Heating (9 Steps, 200W-1500W; Fan (9 Steps); Two Custom Buttons; Start-PreHeat-Cool Button

  • Control roaster from your computer via USB.
  • Free software for Windows 7/8/10, with Mac OS-X support planned for future.
  • Choose to roast in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  • Drum: Multi vane, 5.9L solid drum
  • Exhaust Fan: 78mm removable aluminum centrifugal fan for easy cleaning.
  • Bean Loading: Through funnel.
  • Bean Ejection: Manual.
  • Bean Cooling Tray: Detachable. Fan Cooling. Connected to underside of roaster.
  • Chaff Collector: Detachable. Empty every 2-3kg of roasting.

  • Protection: Electronics over temperature on both PCB. Heater over temperature protection. Fan lock protection on all fans
  • Fault logging: System status is monitored on all major components. Will try to warn prior to fail.

  • Input Voltage: 100V-127V & 220V-240V - 50Hz-60Hz
  • Power Requirement: 1500W**
  • Size: L: 59cm W 31cm: H:42cm (L:75cm including bean cooler)
  • Weight 14KG TBC
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Country of origin: Designed and engineered in Denmark. Made in Taiwan.