Bean Probe Replacement


To replace the Bean Probe, you will need to remove the front plate completely. As always, it’s a good idea to take photos along the way for later reference when putting it back together. 

Step 1. Removing the Control PCB

Start by removing the Control PCB. You will need to unscrew the three screws on the  Faceplate (H2), then remove it together with the buttons. Unscrew the four highlighted black Phillips screws. Carefully pull out the Control PCB Module and remove all the wires from the connectors.

Step 2. Removing the Front Plate

After removing the Control PCB, unscrew the six hex screws surrounding the Front Plate (H3), then remove the plastic housing by unscrewing the 4 hex screws (H2,5). (This will be a good time to remove the Bean Chute for cleaning as well. This is optional)   

Step 3. Removing the Metal Insert

After removing the Front Panel you will be able to access and remove the Metal Insert (You can also optionally give the insert a quick scrub to clear off the residue oil by this time.) The metal insert can be removed by unscrewing the door hinge screws and the small screw on the top.

Step 4. Replacing the new Bean Probe onto the Metal Insert

After removing the Metal Insert you should see something like the photos below. Unscrew the red highlighted area (Photo 1) hex nut and take off the washer, replace the new Bean probe onto the Insert and re-screw the washer and hex nut to the insert till the Bean Probe is firm. After making sure the Probe is screwed firm. Re-tape the insulation tape provided in the package as the picture in (Photo 2). Make sure the probe’s wire is heading upwards so you can set it in the groove later.

Photo 1

Photo 2


Step 5. Replacing the New Insert with Bean Probe

Place the New insert with Bean Probe back to the front plate. Please make sure the blue wires (bean probe) sits in the groove. There shouldn’t be any gap between the metal insert and the back of the front plate.

Now you can begin putting it all back together with the same way you took it apart.  Please make sure that all the connectors are seated firmly and all the way in on the Control PCB.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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